Something to help blueprint developers

I made this website :
Blueprint Fiddle (bpfiddle)

Hopefully people who use unreal’s blueprints will find it helpful.
The idea is similar to jsFiddle, and should make sharing blueprints much easier.

It is still very much in it’s early stages, and so any problems message me here, or email

its down or it doesnt have anything on it.

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weird… it’s working for me on my browsers
i will check what’s going on

Working for me, good job! Should be very useful in helping each other!

Notes from a quick once-over:

  • I’m having some trouble telling which event is which, they all appear with red bars and seeminly no text.
  • The main material node is significantly larger than what I see in engine, and the order of the nodes appears to have changed for some reason.
  • Material nodes in general seem to be having some trouble, rendering with red bars and an “undefined” input node.

hey veovis,

Could you send me a link to this bpfiddle ?
The red bar with no text is a bug that shouldn’t happen
The node size is very basic logic - I will be looking at making this a bit fancier
As for the node ordering being wrong, that is interesting. I did have this issue early on but thought I had fixed it. perhaps these material nodes/components are slightly different.
-> I shall focus on Material nodes this evening and see if I can get them rendering properly

Thank you for the feed back !

i have the same. :frowning: