Something so simple so hard

I have tried about 6 ways to code a simple UI system… All 6 ways work in the editor. None of them work in the game.

Its a simple UI element with a close button and text.

This is the button:

Works fine in editor (as well as the editor works…). First i tried in the level blueprint on begin play to create the widget and bam worked(did this in about 5 different configurations). Put it into a cooked mod and uploaded it, shows up fine in mods, server makes you download it… nothing. Then i tried attaching it to the PlayerController in case it was a level issue. It pops up again in editor however the editor is so terrible every single time i hit play i wait 40 minutes to be able to even use my PC. Then i get a death screen on the viewport and do respawn, then i respawn and it shows up. Hit play again, again a 40 minute wait… for a simple change in a UI element… 1/3 times even with no changed the editor just crashes…

My mod folder:

i have linked the player copied player controller i have changed the primal data and the testgamemodes… Maybe what i need is a proper tutorial on how to do something so simple… it seems if i wanted to make something stupid like a giant dodo, its easy compared to this… every tutorial i find is for copying something and altering it or making a map…