Something like Visual Assist or Resharper but entirely free

Please help. Do you know any plug-in that would help me for code completion (like Visual Assist or Resharper) but is free because Intellisense is useless (I’m not looking for free trials) . Thank you.

There is nothing around that will be anywhere close to Vax or Resharper for free.

You can use Rider for Unreal. For now it just beta, but that IDE very powerful with all needed features like Resharper, Assist and some new cool stuff. You can use it for free until it will be fully released. You need send request and a little bit later you will get download link on your email. Link - Rider for Unreal Engine | JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams

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This will not be free forever though an is also not visual studio.

If you haven’t tried Visual Studio 2022 yet then I’d highly recommend it. Intellisense is a lot better

Yeah intellisense for VS gets better every year. We have legacy projects with VS2012 and going back is painful.

It is still nothing like C# / Unity intellisense which almost types for you. :sweat_smile:

bit of an aside, but try out Visual Studio Code with that plugin that Microsoft made that does code suggestion based on analysis of GitHub. It is absolutely incredible, but afaik it mostly only works in TypeScript/Javascript right now

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Has anyone tried this? I’m not sure what it does or how useful it is so I didn’t install it, but I have been meaning to ask about it:
Intellisense for UE4

only installs with VS2015 :expressionless:

it has a github page with experimental 2017 support, maybe someone here can try compiling it against 2019?

ok so this guy here already added vs2019 support:

want to try it? i’m not sure what to do with it.