Something like UnCodeX?

UnCodeX was a great little app for UE3 which allowed people to find functions, operators, and variables deep within the engine’s folders quite easily - most of which had a brief explanation above them provided by Epic which was brilliant :slight_smile: Is there an easy, streamlined-like way to do the same for Rocket?



there is an easy streamlined thing,

but its not VAX (which Epic uses apparently, and is Visual Studio specific)

its called WindowsGrep

just plug in your rocket main install directory and search to heart’s content

I use it constantly

its free



I use AstroGrep on windows for in file searches, it’s also free.

Testing both of those apps out. Thanks guys

I had no idea about either of these, but something like Uncodex for UE4 would greatly increase my workflow. Thanks!

windowsgrep does the job just fine in my experience, I"ve not felt the lack of uncodex due to windowsgrep :slight_smile:


Without access to the .cpp files I’m not sure why it makes a difference.

You can also use Visual Studio’s built-in Class View (View → Class View).



I’m now using Sublime Text to search the base code, and I can recommend it.
Add the UnrealEngine folder as a project, and use

  • Ctrl+P to search for class names
  • Ctrl+Shift+F to find text in all files