Something like Megascans for characters

We’re about to build a library like Megascans, but for human characters. We’re scanning people with facial expressions and they’re animatable with the iphoneX camera. We’ve just uploaded our first head scan and planning to extend it with 5 new models each and every week. Full body and hair is also coming. Let me know what you think, all UE4 users can try and test our prototypes in the next month, just use the coupon code scanandeggstrial


Hi Jackal,

I think I first saw this over on the Facebook groups. Very ambitious work - I can imagine there could be quite a need for this kind of platform, similar to Megascans but characters. Out of interest, will they be modifiable in any foreseeable way? Such as changes in skin tone, eye color, etc.

Also, I noticed you had a survey link on Facebook to collect thoughts? Could you post that here? :slight_smile:


Exactly, the plan is to make them modifiable… At first, ther’s going to be only the scans, but our plugin is also under development and want it to be very flexible… Even like length of eyelashes and stuff…

Thanks for reminding me, I wanted to post the survey here as well! :slight_smile:

It’s a one minute survey, thank you for everyone who can help with that! :slight_smile:

Lovely idea this is. We are actually just in the middle of a research project on how to create digital humans. How far are you with your library since there is only one model at the moment? Will this be for Unreal only or are other DCC available?

Hey! Sorry for the late reply! We’re already scanning 1 person a day and we update the website with 5 model weekly. Currently they are optimized for UE4 but we will also provide an .fbx