Something is missing need some advice

im in the process of making a town and a tower to go with it and while i think it looks good i feel like something is missing and im not quite sure what it is
some constructive criticism would be appreciated as well as some suggestions or advice before i start adding or taking away stuff.

Nice Castle! :smiley:

As criticism, the town is unnaturally flat. Even with human constructed pavements, there should be some disorientation and depth. Especially the tree areas should be above the pavement.
It will make placing of the buildings harder, but its worth it.

Maybe the roads are too broad as well. You could cover that up by making more and more things to make it more dense (like benches, outdoor vendors etc.), but simpler solution would just make the buildings closer to each other.

If you are going to use that one cobble material, try the bit offset node (or whatever the parallax effect node is called). It definitely could use more props like lamps, docks, etc. Don’t be afraid of reference images either. :slight_smile:

do you mean something along the lines of this?

I think he meant to just use an image as a reference while you design your map.

I have a few pasted in One Note so whenever I need I go to the section I want and get some inspiration…

That sounded WAY more convoluted then it is.

~ Jason

I agree, the town seems kind of flat. It reminds me of the old sprite-based 3D games like Doom, and especially Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall. I like the design overall, but the ground just seems to extend out forever, totally flat.

The skybox and lighting are also kind’ve flat - the sky is just a grey-ish blue color from every perspective, and the lighting seems very bright, almost like you are indoors under fluorescent lighting, instead of outside.

I also notice it appears none of the buildings cast shadows on the ground, which also adds to the ground seeming flat - there is no real variety on the pavement.

I really like the image of the spiral staircase and tree in the middle, it looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Such big environment requires a LOT of attention to lighting, on most of these screenshots there’s no contrast or shadows at all. After modelling everything you’ll expend quite a long time to setup lighting and polishing, you gonna use FX Volumes everywhere to fix lighting and this fog penetrating the buildings;
Great model btw, requires a lot of patience to model something like this.

+1 for that.
Make sure to take a look at some samples from epic games -> after that you will know how to polish the lightning :slight_smile:

thank you this is like the 7th incarnation(if you will) of this tower im very indecisive sometimes. i can see what you gys mean about the lack of depth and how flat it looks

this is my goal as far as sky goes but i havent figured that out yet