Something i Can't find on my own regarding texture image sizing 1024/1024 or 1920/1080

When I make a Texture for my game I tackled witht he idea of making 1920/1080 for 1080p video games or go with the 1024 maybe it will be scaled. Or that’s out of context and has nothing to do with resolution. Any pointers?

Texture resolutions are normally independent of the screen resolution, because most 3d games can run at a large range of resolutions. And to mip a texture, it needs to be a power of 2 like 1024.

Like ZacD said, the resolutions of textures are irrelevant to the resolution of the screen. All game textures should be power of 2 resolution, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096, ect, and can be any ratio of those.

thank you which should be a optimal size for the ps4 I may just go with 1024

Im not very familiar with the PS4 specs or anything, but Im going to assume between 1024 and 2048.

+1 Shirk ^^ I wouldn’t go above 2048 unless absolutely necessary.

Try your best to only use what you really need, tiling textures in the material can enable you to get away with smaller image sizes.

2048 for first person weapons and characters, maybe a few for key characters. All other resolutions should go down from there, but are trying to look almost as good as those main assets. A coffee mug for example is going to be about 256, unless it’s right in front of a camera for a cinematic. You can surge on a few key hero props, just don’t use 2048 textures everywhere.

Thanks!! this was a Where I’ll never find a straight forward answer.

Gotcha for buildings I might go somewhere in between, Just what i needed!!!