Something has to be done with this PostProcessSettings node !

There is the obvious thing : Too **** long !!! categorize it to separate nodes !

And even more problematic! How am i supposed to change one setting via blueprint when i have to make this huge node which is overriding all of the variables values?!

…um. What?

Try to work with the postprocesssettings node in blueprint…

first, uncheck all, in order to hide all pins.

Chek to show the override pis you need, same for the values.
Only overrides pin check in change the values.

you have a example here:

I’v already tired it . It wont ignore uncheck pins because it reassign all of the PostProcessSettings Struct and not only a part of it.

PP node improvements are in the roadmap actually.

It is nice to see it there, yet, no ideas to improve it :\