something dosnt work right

i dont know why, but there is a error with player, it says “these blueprint (self) is not a SceneComponent, therefore “self” must have a connection” in settings that i didnt touch, and are added to player automatically, and when i press play, it says: one or more blueprints has an unresolved compile error, are you shure you want to play in editor
then when i start playng, i cant move, or shoot, or aim! idk what to do, i tryed restarting the program, noathing happens

Guy, u are wrong, u havent to restart program, u only need to fix that BluePrint error. If u open ur blueprints u can check one of em has an error on compile (red cross in the button), u have to fix that connection node, cause u left a needed connection cleaned, is like if i use Spawnactor, if i dont put Transform to that spawn, it will give an error and wont load blueprints for project, u only need to fix manually that in the blueprint which is giving the error.

Hope it helps. Gl hf!