someone please help me make a round1 round2 ... system

hello guys, i am trying to make a game like bo2 zombies where for example

at wave 1 it spawns 10 zombie
wave 2 it spawns 20 zombie etc

i already have the zombies set up, i even have a spawner what is a big collision box but spawn enemies randomly within the box.

if you don’t understand my question please add me on skype: Roland Simigla (no prof picture, it has 3 roland simigla both of them are me )

i really want to have this system set up so please help me guys

You’re not going to find a tutorial that will walk you through every exact problem you have. Try and break those problems down into smaller tasks: for example: for your round1/2 system… you’ll likely need a kick-off event that fires when you want a round to start. You’ll want it to spawn a certain number of zombies at that point. Also, you’ll need to know when a round “ends”, either by a time limit or by all the zombies dying…so you’ll need something to keep track of that. You’ll want some sort of delay before firing the kick-off event for the next round, you’ll need any HUD/UMG elements, and you’ll need a score system (if that’s relevant), etc.

Always break big problems into small ones, wherever you can. And be sure to follow a lot of tutorials on UMG and blueprints. Goodluck.

thanks for the info :slight_smile: i already have a score system set up too, and a Hud to my game what shows my health bar and score too, i want the round to be over by time limit

Set up a timer, and when it finish increases a variable called rounds.
then create a wigdet and make the round screen and at the end of round bind the valor of that variable.