Someone is impersonating me


Just wanted to let you all know that someone is impersonating me on Instagram.
He has been posting images from other artists and claiming it’s his work (my work).
This is his profile:

I currently do not have an account on Instagram however, I will create one once this issue is settled, so I can prevent issues like this in the future.
I want to apologize about that and let you know I have reported the account. Would have reported sooner if I was aware of it.

That’s all and thanks for reading.


That’s pretty twisted dude… What’s your best guess of who is behind it…:eek:
Marketplace competitor / scammer / disgruntled customer / ex-lover / other?

And what the hell that comment??

==> “curse to usurpers of FADAK Environment Artist/3D Game Artist”

Now Im worried and I will start looking after my stuff too >.<

Some people really… No pride, no honor… Good luck. Stay safe everyone.

Try to get him blocked on the premise that he is impersonating you.