Some widgets are not displayed when you pack the game

Are you using a lot of images that are present only in the Engine Content? Sometimes these images do not get labeled to be packed out and you may need to duplicate them into your project’s content folder. Are you packaging as a Development build or Shipping build?

When I start the game virtually, all the widgets are shown, but when I pack the game, they show less than half, why is this? Excuse my English, I’m using a translator

I have an image of a magnifying glass that in some blueprints shows it and others do not

I updated it but it’s a new game mode, so I don’t think it has anything to do with it.

What I don’t understand is how some widgets are worth and others aren’t.

I’ve checked everything you answered, but I didn’t find the solution, by the way, I didn’t tell him at any time, thanks for your time.

Sounds like those BP may be referencing something that it cannot find the reference to either by assignment or in the file path/structure. Try reassigning the widgets. Did you recently upgrade your project from a previous version?

Ah, try checking your Default Modes under Maps & Modes inside your Project Settings. Make sure this Default Gamemode and other settings match the gamemode you want your project to launch as!

Your packaged game is going to launch with the Defaults that are specified under Maps & Modes. Unless your level overrides these conditions, your packaged game may be using a different gamemode, player controller, possibly even a different pawn. Ensure your project settings are set correctly to match what you are playing in your editor.

No worries. Can you replicate this issue if you launch as standalone game in the editor?

You mean a Standalone?

If the Standalone works perfectly

Yes, from within the editor