Some warning log messages in UE5

I found some warning log messages yesterday in UE5.

When I first saw the messages, I thought my project makes them, so I started investigating.
But with an empty new project, I could reproduce the same warning messages.

Warning messages are :

  1. At Loading to restore last opened on restart editor:

LogPackageName: Warning: FPackagePath::TryFromMountedName was passed an ObjectPath (/Game/MyFolder/WBP_MyWidget.WBP_MyWidget) rather than a PackageName or FilePath; it will be converted to the PackageName. Accepting ObjectPaths is deprecated behavior and will be removed in a future release; TryFromMountedName will fail on ObjectPaths.

You can see this message only after checking “Restore Open Asset Tabs On Restart”, in Editor Preferences → General - Loading & Saving. If there is any asset you open before closing the editor last time, with re-opening the asset, this warning message appeared.

  1. When opening any UserWidget Blueprint asset:

LogSlateStyle: Warning: Unable to find Slate Widget Style ‘None’. Using FToolbarStyle defaults instead.

This message seems to appear when opening any UserWidget Blueprint asset.

  1. When opening any UserWidget Blueprint asset, again:

LogSlate: Warning: The command ‘UMGEditor.OpenAnimDrawer’ has the same default chord as ‘EditorViewport.Next’ [Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar]

Ok. I will say nothing about this:)

I hope this is helpful to someone like me, with short programming knowledge. (Those were scary to me.)
They seem not harmful now. (I wanted to say this. :D)
But if I’m wrong, please tell me!


You could add a couple more.

LogSubsurfaceProfile: Warning: Dipole model has already been upgraded to Burley. Should not reach here.

LogFeaturePack: Error: Error in Feature pack C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_5.0/FeaturePacks/TP_VirtualRealityBP.upack. Failed to parse manifest: Invalid Json Token. Line: 43 Ch: 4


So? Nothing to do about it?

Yes. Those are harmless.