Some VaRest Help

Hey guys having a few issues with the VaRest Plugin on 4.11

When i created my system locally using Bitnami everything was working fine with the VaRest Response.

LogVaRest: Response (200): {"result":"success","regkey":"29cf47b512c72315e82d586b88fa4a2249ce27ae2a0fd67c40b13dae3e438b241b76e52e0d43e440f098e75ddc04d36457fb64feccbee5b70d4054408e2444aa","banned":"no"}

I then moved it over to a webhost and now im getting this error.

LogVaRest: Response (200): <html><body><script type="text/javascript" src="/aes.js" ></script><script>function toNumbers(d){var e=];d.replace(/(..)/g,function(d){e.push(parseInt(d,16))});return e}function toHex(){for(var d=],d=1==arguments.length&&arguments[0].constructor==Array?arguments[0]:arguments,e="",f=0;f<d.length;f++)e+=(16>d[f]?"0":"")+d[f].toStri
ng(16);return e.toLowerCase()}var a=toNumbers("f655ba9d09a112d4968c63579db590b4"),b=toNumbers("98344c2eee86c3994890592585b49f80"),c=toNumbers("16ef05200d6298b80e62a84430c041c9");document.cookie="__test="+toHex(slowAES.decrypt(c,2,a,b))+"; expires=Thu, 31-Dec-37 23:55:55 GMT; patch=/"; document.cookie="referrer="+escape(document.referrer); location.href="http:
//";</script><noscript>This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support</noscript></body></html>

Anyone got a clue what the hell this all means

Cheers Wazza

That’s HTML code, apparently this specific website requires javascript to work and it detects that you don’t.Are you sure you didn’t change anything to your code in the website?

Nope I didnt change any code just migrated it over and got this error

Hmm, maybe the web host requires javascript? I highly doubt that though. Maybe try to disable javascript and visit the website with your browser, and then try to remove this javascript check.

The Error is coming through the Engine not the website …

If i visit the website with the JSON string it works you can see it working here …

Yeah but the engine shows what the website writes. Anyway I tried to disable javascipt, even use a fake user agent but it seems to work fine. I am not sure what the problem is, maybe someone else can help.
Also, I had quite a few problems with VaRest myself, sometimes it would stop working without changing anything. Maybe delete some nodes and re-make them.