Some user have issiue with my game

hello my game work properly on my end - but some people have this crash on the beginning off opening the game - and the game dont launch . Image
im using UE4-27
what should i do and how to debug a game that doesn’t open ----
PS : is reviewed and released on steam store
so it works on steam support team also

Ask them for some info about their hardware and installed stuff.

Probable causes:

  • their graphics card is from stone age, with small VRAM and unreal wants more
  • memory in their old PC is just not enough for unreal
  • they may have installed on .NET or something else that is old
  • you may have some plugin linked in project that requires some weird stuff

And ask them for crash log from unreal (dont remember where it is right now).

I hope you did not sell it yet, its all in early access. :smiley:

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