Some useful additions

1. Right click to Cancel
In 3ds max, when moving, rotating or scaling an object (by dragging with the left mouse button), you can click the right mouse button to cancel the action and reset the object back to the position/rotation/scale it was at when you started dragging the object. I use this all the time in 3ds max and keep finding myself doing it in the UE4 editor only to realise it doesn’t work. Then I have to hit the undo button twice to reset the object.

2. Content Browser Lasso Select
Often when I want to select several assets in the Content Browser I hold down the left mouse button and start dragging to try and drag a rectangle lasso around them, only to realise it doesn’t work. I then have to hold down Ctrl and manually click on each one. I see someone else already asked about this a long time ago. An internal feature request was apparently created for it, but I guess nothing ever came of it.

3. Content Browser Tree Auto-Scrolling
If you hold down the left mouse button on an asset in the Content Browser and drag it on to a folder in the tree, you can copy/move the asset to that folder. However, the folder you want may not be visible (i.e. is off the screen). So you first have to scroll the tree to the folder you want before dragging the asset. It would be so much faster if the tree could be auto-scrolled by moving the mouse to the top or bottom of the tree while perform an asset drag (i.e. with the left mouse button down). I find this to be very painful when trying to reorganise many assets between folders.

THIS, especially 3 is driving me crazy!

4. Close the Editor, Not the Entire Program
Many times when opening an editor (for meshes, textures, blueprints, etc…) the editor will open as a new tab at the top (i.e. full screen). There is nothing inadvertently wrong with this until you inadvertently hit the X in the top right hand corner to close said editor only to find yourself staring at the Windows desktop wondering what just happened. Clicking the X in the top right corner should just close the editor in question (like clicking the small x on the tab), not the entire program. If that is not possible, then at the very least, can a yes/no message pop up asking if you really meant to close the entire program. I see someone else already asked about this earlier this year.

ten symbols

Yeah, I tried that option out but it doesn’t actually do what it says it does. It doesn’t matter if I tick it or untick it, when I double click on something in the content browser it still opens as a tab of the main window. I don’t mind it doing so… that is not really the issue. The real issue is that the whole program shuts down when you hit the X instead of just that editor.

It works fine for me, also i dont really understand how you can accidentally clicked X if there are no any useful buttons around it and all tabs never go over b09acac87eb2f5ea43c38e7e902fb891b3da292b.png tutor button. Also the engine ask you to save assets if you have some of them changed but does not apply the change to the file.

Strange, not sure why it doesn’t work for me then.

I guess it is a force of habit. After years of using Windows and such, I’ve become accustomed to clicking on the X in the top right corner to close a window. I mean, if you pull one of the tabs off into its own window, you can close it by hitting the big X in the top right corner of its window. So when an editor opens as a new tab (instead of in its own window), then just by second nature I hit the big X to close it without thinking and BANG, there goes everything. It happens to me multiple times a day. Other people must also have the same problem too, such as the guy I linked to earlier.

True, but that only works if an asset has changed. If nothing has changed and you hit that X, then the program is gone with no warning.

make your project folder writable, mb thats a problem.