Some Untitled Hack & Slash Project || Looking for opinions

Hey, I don’t have a lot to say right now on what I’m planning for this project, but I’m just looking for some feedback on what people think. A lot of this is not official yet fighting/ability mechanics, music, ect I’m just put on some random background music for the gameplay to see what kind of music would fit in with the game style. Obviously the music is not gonna be used in the actual game Thanks for any feedback given! I have 2 days to work on polishing a lot of this. And I plan to release a playable demo at some point when it has some meaning to play. lol Rather than only slashing rusty looking clones. Maybe I’ll use some similar fighting mechanics like Zelda Hyrule Warriors? I haven’t played much of that game, but I liked it a lot when I first played it.


Hi man,

It’s looking neat so far. The time freeze mechanic looks promising.

I’d suggest editing your videos straight down to business!

Just logged back in, got enough positive feedback. Thanks for the replies, I’m back to work on my project again.

“Boobies and Asses on fire” :slight_smile:

Ragdoll attack reactions on NPS’s are in plan ?

animations don’t look very fluid to be honest… but i’m sure you’ll fix it, it’s definitely a learning curve with hack and slash games… you know you can get a lot of good animations from mixamo right? then you can take them into max or maya and alter them to your hearts content…

Cool stuff, my only suggestion is cranking up the run speed to match the run animation. Personally I feel she is putting in all this effort running and getting nowhere. The speed of the actual animation is good the speed of the distance traveled needs the adjustment. Sorry if what I said sounds confusing, I really not familiar with the technical terms from a programmers perspective.

Looks like a promising start. I like the time freezing mechanic which could definitely make for some spectacular visuals later on.

Loving the particle trails of the sword… One thing though, you might want to ‘turn them off’ when just walking with the sword and slowly moving… it makes the particles look more pronounced when they only appear during attack anims… just my 2 cents…