Some UE4 questions (easy)

I just switched from Unity to UE4 about two weeks ago. I’m going thru the “official” tutorials/courses. I’m really impressed with UE.

If I want to test a scene at full-screen and then exit to the editor, how would I do that? I clicked the boxes in the upper right corner and that just changed it to 4 screen views.

The next course I want to take is the Blueprints. When I’m done with the “official” tutorials, does anyone know of some good tutorials on BP that they found were very helpful. There are many on youtube, but which ones did you find were the best?

Would you suggest learning and starting with UE4 or UE5?

I’m a newbie myself (6 months in) but I can answer your second and third question.
I didn’t follow the the official blueprint course but I stumbled upon this channel Make Games With Katie - YouTube that gave me a solid base to build upon.
Then I switched to this DevSquad - YouTube because I found full completed playlists where you sit through the entire journey of making a game with blueprints from A to Z. Still, as I kept learning, I found out that his code was really unoptimized and left a lot of bugs that would drive newbies insane unsolved, but overall you get to learn more about the engine and what does what.
And finally I suggest this guy DevAddict - YouTube who teaches stuff in a fun way.

For your third question I happened to have asked myself the same thing back then and even tried UE5 for a couple of days.
I suggest starting with UE4 nothing really changes after moving to UE5 except for the UI and the new tech (Lumen, Nanite, Chaos…), and the sooner you start learning UE the better all while waiting for the official stable version of UE5.

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Hi !
To exit the game and return to editor, “escape” should work

There are tons of tutorials on the net, depending on which mechanic you want to develop, some are specialized in multiplayer, some others on shaders or physics… However one channel has a tons of video about nodes and concepts, and you can follow it without any doubt, all videos are relevant, search for “Mathew Wadstein” on youtube :+1:

I would recommend starting with UE 4 for differents reasons :
-UE5 isn’t production ready yet
-Most tutorials use UE4
-Plugins and contents are more likely to be compatible with UE4
-Other reasons given by Aummen2003

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am really happy with UE. Unity is a good engine, but I like the fact that UE has a lot of features integrated that we have to get thru third parties for Unity. There is less chance of errors and issues with integration than third party (my opinion). Unity and Unreal are both very generous companies and want us to succeed in our projects.

DevAddict has some nice tutorial subjects. I’m working on a game that needs Survival/Horror elements, so those will come in handy.

Mathew Wadstein…wow did you find the motherload of BP tutorials.

Welcome to the Unreal cult then! Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions here, the folks here are quite helpful and I learned some things solely from this very forum.

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