Some .uasset files not appearing in content browser or import window

Some .uasset files from the market are not appearing in the content browser or import window in 4.22.3, is there a way to fix this?

If you add an asset used or for use in a later engine version it will not show up in the browser until you update the project engine version.

Thank you, however this seems to be occurring with many marketplace items no matter what engine version is used?

Well we run into this problem from time to time on our content SVN and it always turns out to be a version conflict generated from with in the development pipeline. Dev A is working with UE4.25 and dev B is using UE4.26 and commits to the SVN. Since the engine version is based on the local version being worked Dev A will need to update to UE4.26 to see the iteration updates committed by Dev B.

You can verify the path by first checking the asset directory in the the project directory. If there then the asset addition could be off version, not hard to do, and you can try forcing a engine version correction by right click and select change engine version. You might want to back up first as you can not always roll back’


[- Create a new folder.

  • Move .uasset files to created new folder
  • copy and paste this folder to your ue project.

done. this method fix my issue.

My engine version is 5.3.2](Uassets not showing up in content browser - #12 by super-gazi)