Some tutorials for UE5 Metasounds

Hey all,

I made some tutorials for Metasounds over the last few months, hope these are useful for some!

Here is a tutorial series for beginners making a simple DNB beat from scratch (145 minutes):

Some simple ambience SFX:

And more beat patches:



Here’s another on simple and more sophisticated step sequencers in Metasounds:


Here are some more videos about Metasounds, including a basic car engine sound, bird vocalizations, how to connect Metasounds to gameplay, sound effects and more:

Let me know if you have any questions or encounter any problems!


Hey all, I uploaded a 7-part series on wavetable softsynths over the last few weeks, mostly talking about VST plugins, but including a short introduction about the new wavetable oscillator introduced in Metasounds in UE 5.1:

Here is the complete playlist including a comparison of all eight softsynths in part 7:

These are not short tutorials but instead longer monologue-type videos with a lot of talking, so it might get a bit boring, but maybe some of it is helpful for someone here. Cheers!

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