Some things missing on packaged game

When I run my WINDOWS 64bit packaged game on the same computer that I make the game, everything is OK. But when I run the same game on an other computer, there are missing some static meshes, blueprint class sounds and a file media source… What cound be wrong?

Please help me!

Somebody help please…

The assets are either in the pak file or not. It sounds like maybe you’re packaging for development?

Try shipping.

I tried both packaging options (development and shipping) but its the same…

The map with the missing content is included in the list of maps?

Sorry, I don’t know what exactly do you mean…

You have to make a list of maps to package in the settings.

Yes the maps are selected in settings. The static meshes are showing now (I don’t know what I did), but the media texture and blueprint sounds are still not working… For media texture, I noticed that video file (MP4) is not present in movies folder after packaging. So I put it in that folder manualy, but the media texture on my static mesh is still not working on other computers, while on my main computer it works normally…

The media folder, you do have to populate manually, it’s not part of the project.

For the rest, I’d take a look at the pak file, using UNREALPAK.EXE. Are they in there?

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I have unpacked the pak file with unrealpak and the sound files are there. It’s interesting that all other sounds in my game are working, but the ones in blueprint class are not… Probbaly I am doing something wrong…

How are you calling those sounds in BP?

Here is a screen of my blueprint:

Please help someone!