Some Technical Problems

So I recently installed Unreal Engine 4.22 on my MacOS Sierra, Version 10.12.6, with a 1.6 GHz processor and 2 cores. I have tried launching it at least 27 times but all fail with Unreal Engine never loading up. So I had my friend download it on his PC and it works out fine (I have no idea what his specs are). Before installation it said something about Missing System Requirements (RQ-0003, whatever that is). What’s wrong with my Macbook (Air) that doesn’t allow me to run Unreal Engine 4 and is being 2 cores short of the recommended system count as one of the problems?

Thanks to anyone who took their time to read and/or help me with this.

Sorry, that Macbook Air is too old. I guess it does not update to MacOS 10.4 Mojave.

Even if you could start the unreal editor, it would be no use to work in a productive manner on that machine.

You can always look up the minimum hardware specifications for any software.
For Unreal Engine see here: Hardware and Software Specifications | Unreal Engine Documentation

Yeah as a general rule of thumb two cores means anytime you do anything you’ll be waiting for it to finish. UE likes at least 6 threads and once it has them it gets a hell of a lot faster to do anything.