Some suggestions


I saw a lot of UE4 work in progress, videos, etc and I have some questions for the UE4 developpers.

  • Do we have (or will we have) realistic water? What I mean is transparent water like real life instead of a blue liquid and real time reflection on the water.
  • Will you make a tool to make hair easily? For exemple, taking the head of your character and you could choose the zone you want to put hair on the head and it make hair automaticly. And from there you could choose hair lenght, how many hairs, colors, etc. And same thing for different zone like facial hair, etc. And the hairs could react to movement like real life. (hope you know what I mean, or I can make a picture).

thank you

Certain “realistic” water effects are unlikely to emerge until Forward shading is added to the engine. There are two plugins that support tesselation:

And one of the developers, Ehamloptiran, is developing a hair plugin as well: Hair Rendering Simulation test - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Hair has always been a very, very painstaking task in game development, and good results can still be had with normal methods: here’s a good thread that covers the basics - Realistic hair in unreal 4? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Adding to the above, I plan to add some editor tools to allow manipulation of the hair asset that has been imported, such as lengths, density, stiffness, etc. And it will be full integrated into the Material Editor, so you will be able to define hair color based on region, and even from root to tip.

Thank you very much.

You have great ideas for hairs.
My idea was something like that :
Sorry for my bad drawing lol.

And I know that we are on Unreal forum, but I really want to see something like that

And for the water, I really hope sometimes it will look like that :

And another thing is about UI. Unity did a great job for 4.6 :

thx very much. Unreal Engine is becoming better and better!