Some suggestions from a newb.

(Forgive me if I am too blunt that is in my nature. I will do my best to dilute it.)
I have been wanting to be able to color code my node lines for a while. So I can easily trace them.
Being able to right click and collapse with textures would be nice. Albeit I know of the function creation you can also do as well. So right click collapse into a function is a perfectly viable option.

I know this one is going to be an oddity but some sort of way to implement a coded language I am unsure how to put it. When I type in textures I use alt codes because the names can get a bit long, for instance, Ω_N_¶ is Main Normal Power (an example of an alternative to that is ◘_N_¶ which is Macro Norm Power), ▲↔▼to ▲ is 6 planar to triplanar and so on. I honestly cannot remember all these alt codes so I have to copy and paste (that can be a bit slow). It would be nice to be able to set up something beforehand so when you type in Norm, or Normal it switches to that symbol for you automatically.

My instance list can, of course, get very very long and albeit with codes it can be organized to a degree still some things are put in odd places. It would be nice to be able to create your own custom UI for this. As in you can place borders, put say Ω_N_¶ Under the Ω_N Menu, along with the texture parameter, and whatever switch parameter you have with it (Instead of scrolling up to click a checkbox, scroll down to change the image, and scroll back up and change the numbers to work. Then sometimes scrolling back up to turn that switch parameter off). Groupings I guess would be a word. Of course, you can drag your groupings around, and organize them vertically horizontally and so on. Maybe even make it possible to auto group by using a certain code you set up beforehand in front of the naming or something. A node, or a checkbox. I probably could design something in photoshop but I am pretty sure you can figure it out.

Also, have something telling you when you are reaching your reroute node limit. Because I have no clue what it is, and it seems random to me. I may should google it to find it out but a warning would be nice. I constantly have it where my reroute nodes just break in the middle of a drag and drop of that line(The place where it breaks is bizarre as well). I end up having to straight line it. That is annoying when you have something way off in Africa and you trying to connect it to Canada Smoothly.

I am mostly a 3D artist so not really entirely a game designer per se. So my request may be something of an oddball one.

As stated a newb. I found out grouping sorta exist but not entirely as I stated. So do note I now know this.

I think it does require some image. Here is the idea for the instance menu/panel.
It has color coding, a slider, with the ability to type the number in, or click the arrows to change it. It also has the ability to also select multiple sliders and lock them with each other so you can change multiple sliders uniformly. Albeit this only shows one panel, you can also move the whole thing around changing the order of the panels. Say AO is on top of Norm, but you want Norm on top, all you have to do is right-click the panel then select unlock panels, then you can move it.

If you need any other photoshopped explanation let me know.

Almost forgot the larger arrows on the left are to move the channel up or down.

Another idea is wireless Nodes (Maybe using color coding as the method of connection and identification). Not sure how that could be achieved but this spaghetti platter is getting out of hand and organizing it is not entirely possible.

I guess I can use this as I come up with more ideas. If no one minds.

This is terrain stuff.

With Flatten have it where it flips between raise and lower when you hold shift.

With ramps upgrade it to also have something like curve ramps. As in you use a curve to carve out say a river that slowly gets lower over time if that makes sense (each point has xyz coordinates so you can adjust height depth etc).

With the brush size have it where there is no limit when you are using brackets because this is asinine at its finest when you trying to flatten out something very large very fast and you have no clue the exact size of this large area. If you are too big you hit the to go down and bam it goes to its limits and you have to work out the exact size of the brush by typing in numbers.

Now onto some previous above-mentioned statements.

With the above color nodes, you can have it where it sorta collapses into a wireless node as in you can expand it to see where all the lines go but collapse it to clean up the wiring and such (since it is also color coded you have an idea of the connection when it is wireless). Also maybe have a tracer feature for the wireless node as well. You hit it and it traces the line from start to finish as to how it connects to everything plus showing potential errors as it goes along like a 3 to 2 vector by accident or to 1.
You would be amazed as to how helpful that would be.
I have functions in functions and it only tells me on the top function some mundane error that I spend hours in the wrong function for it.
It turns out it is deeper than that function and then even in that function it does not tell me what it is I just have to grope around hoping I can find the bloody error.
Toss in with the error suggestions of what you might have been looking for as well. As in you hit trace, it shows the error on the component, and then if you are still unable to figure out why it may be wrong you can right-click the error message and it offers a list of suggestions as to what you can replace the component with or a suggestion of what is wrong.

One thing that would be super helpful is to be able to click a component, (not entirely sure the name of those boxes such as texture node, add, etc). Would be the allowance of more than just converting to object, constant etc. Say I right click an add node, I could have the option of converting it to multiply, subtract etc, same with a reroute node as well. Maybe even the option of converting it to whatever is acceptable for that connection. Faster ways of adding components instead of just oh yeah I this texture coordinate needs to be a landscape coordinate delete, replace, or add ctrl-drag links, you can just right click texture coordinate, go over to a search menu and type in what you need, click it to replace it.

One last thing when adding things to groups instead of having it one at or time sometimes a multiple selections but not a select all have it where when you select all it ignores those things that cannot be added to groups and it allows you add all that is able to be added to a group with a select all.

This is, of course, is mostly my issues when it comes to editing textures. I am not a coder, etc so I rarely dabble on the other side.