some strange warnings I'm getting with 4.14 update

  1. Everytime I play a level with any sequences in it I get this when I stop playing:
    PIE:Warning: Warning AttachTo: ‘/Game/LEVELS/LEVEL_2_GALLERY.LEVEL_2_GALLERY:PersistentLevel.painting2sequence.SceneComp’ cannot be attached to itself. Aborting.

  2. When I do a build I get a bunch of these warnings on every animation in the game:
    LogSkeletalMesh:Warning: Invalid animation configuration when attempting to set animation possition with : lady_getsScared2

Then I get some of these:
LogSpawn:Warning: UWorld::DestroyActor: World has no context! World: LEVEL_0_HOSPITAL_ROOM, Actor: /Game/LEVELS/LEVEL_0_HOSPITAL_ROOM.LEVEL_0_HOSPITAL_ROOM:PersistentLevel.LEVEL_0_HOSPITAL_ROOM_C_1

LogPhysics:Warning: AddConvexElemsToRigidActor: ConvexElem is missing ConvexMesh (0: /Game/HOSPITAL_ROOM/waitingRoom/waitingRoomFRONTDOOR.waitingRoomFRONTDOOR:BodySetup_0)

In all I have almost 400 warnings. In 4:13 I had 2. The game builds, however, and seems to run ok. Haven’t ran into any problems. But I hate seeing a lot of yellow when I do a build.

Any ideas what any of these could be about? I’m especially confused by the “Cannot attach to itself” warning.

I’ve had some weird problems with UMG Animation. I made a FadeIn animation in UMG, then compiled, and tried to play in editor. I got a warning that it’s not possible to play in editor when using Color/Opacity in changes in UMG (I could do it in other engine versions). Then I choose Play as Standalone, then it broke everything. No matter what I do, the game will not receive ANY input, including keyboard and mouse clicks, and none of the widgets ever get created again.

Having similar issues regarding the ConvexMesh warning…

Did you ever find a solution?