Some strange problem with BP(Error Internal Compiler Error)

hi i have strange error with custom function inside Blueprint functional library class

Error Internal Compiler Error: Tried to create a property WeaponImpulsDamage in scope ImpactForceFromWeaponShoot, but another object of type (null) already already exists there.

what is telling me about?

if fixed this by renaming WeaponImpulsDamage on another name WeaponImpulsDamageValue

Hi zip,

Sorry about that! I let the developers know, and they confirmed it’s probably a name conflict issue. They’ve submitted a fix which should be included in 4.8 so that this shouldn’t happen again. Thanks for the report!

The same error occures for struct variables in Blueprint. After changing variable name, problem disappears. I’m using v4.9.2 of the Engine.