Some Source Engine Winter Conest WiP Screenshots (image heavy)


i really don’t know where to put this, but i’m currently working on a german contest with the Source Engine.
And i wanted to show you a bit. It’s not very pretty, but we are only a small forum and every small bit counts.

Some of the Models are made by myself, some are from CS:GO itself. I have still some blocks and missing
christmas models that i need to do, but i still wanted to show you the WiP.

Keep in mind this is highly WiP and i don’t intend to make it perfect. Just some fun with level creation.
Most of the models and some of the Textures are only placed to check what looks good. I will change
most of the small assets (like the ones on the chimney).
This Map is a small house, so there are some more rooms i need to do.

So, latest update on that. Need to tweak some textures and to fill the entrance as well as the outside.
Don’t know if this is good in gameplay. :smiley:

Nice work, there, now remake it for unreal tournament 4. :wink:

Hehe, maybe :smiley: but then i would need to code the whole gamelogic.

The CS:GO Players, here is the Workshoplink for the Map.

It’s not completely finished, but the deadline was reached.

Maybe i gonna update it if i find some time.