Some simple ideas and remarks

Hello there !

I pass a lot of time in the blueprint editor so I would like to propose some basics user experience’s improvements that I didn’t already seen on this forum…

  • What I’ve noticed the most on tutorial/videos or from my personnal experience is that you lost a plenty of time when you miss to link the pin of a node. I think that add a magnet system or just make the pin’s hitbox larger would be appreciated by a lot of people :slight_smile:
  • There is shortcut for some specific nodes but there is no way to configure these shortcuts or to create it. For exemple, I’m very often using IsValid and it would be awesome if I could put a shortcut on this one (or others)
  • Still on the shortcut topic, you could add one for the duplicating link, middle mouse button for exemple ?
  • When we search a specific node or variable, would be great if the research system propose me the results I use the most (and don’t select me Sensed Actor’s Data when I’m looking for Actor…)
  • I often use the alignment fonction (like the most of people I think) but sadly the copy past loose the exact position of blueprints. I’m sure that you are already working on this folks cause is obviously annoying ! :wink:
  • One last thing is that most of people aligne their blueprints depending of the exec’ pin. Would be very nice (but not essential on this one, I confess) that the straighten connection previliged the exec’ link please.

And that’s was all for me, just some little things that would save me a lot of work and frustration like many other developers.

Thank you for reading !


I agree on this. The Blueprint editor could be used twice as fast.

I never use align node, I find it tedious to right click a node and search for something in the drop down menu.

Agree on your point, this is typically the case where the shortcut’s customization would “make the coffee !” like we say in France.

Alignments can have shorcuts in Engine Settings.

Automatically created Reroute nodes when dragging a pin of would be nice (e.g. when releasing the mouse button) :smiley:

If Someone can add these features request to the public bug tracker for votes, It will be nice.