Some setup questions (Visual Studio Code)

I’m loving python so far, however what would make it infinitely more useful is the following:

  1. What do I reference to get autocompletion for the unreal.* module?
  2. Can I use the messaging system or something to execute python code from VS Code in an instance of the UE4 Editor?
  1. I was able to get it working by doing a search for all the ‘python.exe’ in the unreal install, adding those to my systems environment paths and moving them to the top, left the 2.7 one on top. Then restarted visual code. Then in visual code in the bottom left you can click on the Python version and choose one from the unreal dir. This worked for me, but probably not the correct way to do this.
  2. Not sure. To run a script quickly I have been coping a command and pasting into the output log, to skip the menu surfing. i.e.
    py D:/SomePath/