Some save data is ignored on save or reset when opening level

Recently started learning Unreal and was trying to figure out loading and saving the level. When I play in the editor the saving/loading seems to work fine but if I go to the main menu (either starting in or leaving through the menus) or load the level with “Open Level” it will cease to save or load anything.

It seems that saving player data still saves and loads but the level data somehow gets ignored or reset.

Here are images my blueprints: imgur

The link doesn’t work. Here’s the fundamentals of using the save game object:

Something broke with the post formatting it seems. I fixed the link.

Where is that open level node being called from? It looks like a widget, which means everything after the node gets thrown away.

If you’re using ‘open level’ ( as opposed to streaming ), then the level itself ( or the game instance ) needs to load the save game.

( That was after a quick look. Tell me if I’m missing something ).

The OpenLevel node is being called from a button in the pause menu.
The GameState loads the level data on BeginPlay so the nodes after OpenLevel aren’t actually needed. They were sort of just some left over from a few different ideas i wanted to try. Disconnecting the nodes doesn’t change anything.

Seems data loads fine when starting the level from the editor but using the Open Level node stops it working until i close and re-open.

Open level trashes almost everything, which is what you’re noticing.

I notice you’re not loading the save game anywhere, that’s not helping… :wink:

The game instance only initializes once. You need to load this when you re-load the level :slight_smile:

The load save game is in the initialize of the Game Instance. Does this need to be called after changing levels?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Oh! I didn’t realized the data in the game instance would change/reset between levels. I made a function in it to load the save data and call it in the game state. Seems like it properly loads. Thank you so much!