some render time results

Well, we only have 3 places to post info so i supose i will drop this here for the sake of maintaining our forum clean.

Here are some cpu rendering results of the Necropolis map done in production settings.All numbers are rounded as the seconds were in the single digits.

–(my old pc) first gen i7 950 =3hours

–i7 8700k =58min

–amd 1800x =54min(forum user)

–i9 7960x =26min(my new rig)

Looks like lightmass can handle cores without problems.The log showed all 32 threads and task manager showed 100% cpu usage.

May these figures be of use to the people who plan on upgrading to similar/newer cpus to know +/- what to expect.

When I was still in the US on a reliable high-speed internet connection, I would run all of my lighting builds on an Amazon EC2 instance. I’ve never had 32 threads on my personal computer, but I would sometimes rent 32 vCPUs and blast through lighting builds.