Some re target workflow questions

Hi, I have some question regards to anim target system.

  1. Which is the best way to go if I need to retarget animations from two or more skeletons with non equal retarget pose?
  2. Do I need to retarget my skeleton to fit the source when I create the reta
  3. If I need to change the retarget pose for successive skeletons, will the already retargeted animd been affected?
  4. Is there some where to create multiples retarget poses in order to use each one with differents skeletons poses when needed?


in the retarget manager for the skeleton you are retargeting from take him and mode him into the same T or A pose as the mesh that you are retargeting too and then click the save pose button and it will use that as the default pose when transferring the animations

Thanks for your resoinse James. I know that and I get it working.
The problem comes when i retarget using a pose and then I need to retarget again but from other source pose, and more times. This end up being a pain.
So I am asking is there is an elegant way to manage this.