some questions


I’m looking for a big job in a cathedral. For the moment I use the RTC360 from Leica for inside and outside and I used the drone foor the roof. I was only for the plan and not for a texture mesh

But here, I need to do a texture mesh and I’m going to mix image from RTC and Image from the drone or terrestrial photogrammetry.

I’m looking for a new software that he can mix all data together.

I imagine this worklow :

  • Registre TLS with Leica Cyclone in a Local coordinate system with control point and export in e57 file

  • Import e57 in RC

. Import and align image from the drone with GCP in the same coordinae systme like a TLS

  • Import image from Terrestrial image ; the terrestrial will take only for the areas those aren’t good for the scan. I won’t have all the model with the terrestrial image.

  • Mix all data and mesh and texture

My question :

  • RC is able to import the image from the scan from e57 file like 3Dreshapper ?

  • How RC align the terrestrial image with the point cloud ? need we some GPC or it’s working with the color from point cloud ? It’s automaticly ?

  • RC detect automaticly the GPC when is a great target ?

  • How RC make the transiftion betwen the image from the drone / Terrestre or scan ?

  • In wich format the model should be export ?

It all for the moment :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer




  • Yes, RC can import E57 Lidar data.

  • Import Lidar as draft or exact, and using other import settings. Press Align, RC will calculate sparse point cloud and “align” images from LIDAR data. Import drone or DSLR images and run align, or align this images in new project and export component and import to project with LIDAR data. And use Control Points to align Laser and Image components

  • Higher than Promo version can automatically detect some targets.

  • perfectly

  • depend on what you want to do with this data later


Thanks for your answer

If I’ve good understood, I don’t need target GCP betwen Laser, Terrestrial image and drone ? RC could work only with the pixel (color) ? it’s always more confortable to have some targets but if I don’t need a lot, it’ll be good

When I’m importing teh E57 the image are coming with the point cloud ? And then, I can use the image to texture the mesh ?