Some Questions

Oh, Hi there :smiley:
I made a health bar, with help of this video
And now I’m preparing for stamina

Gooood, but my questions are:
-at that health bar what I can do to make an AI who give damage?
-a good tutorial for food and wather?
-at health how I can do a regen when food and wather is >95?
-at health how I can do regen after all conditions are true to wait 5 seconds after drain?
-at stamina how I can do a bar?
-at stamina how I can do a text?
-at stamina how I can make to wait 5 seconds before recharging?
-at bar how I can add my own foto(hearth, wather icon, food icon and stamina icon?) to the bars?

EDIT:-How I can make when stamina is <30 to make specialy idle and when is >30 to make another idle?

I suggest you start by looking through Epics documentation, tutorials and recorded streams to get a better over all understanding of the engine. That should give you the skills to solve most of your problems, and ask for specific help when you get stuck on a detail.

Im very curious to see how to do that with 5 seconds after drain and that “if” for example: “If value 1 and Value 2 are at numter 100 do …”