Some questions

I’ve got some questions that is about the unreal editor.

  1. The current theme for the unreal editor is dark. How do I make it a white or light theme?

  2. The top bar of the editor is not transparent like others, how do I make it transparent?

I know it’s got something to do with visual studio and the source code. But I need help. Thank you.

A reply would be nice…

I suggest having a better thread title because “Some questions…” is a little to general and is not going to get any attention.

You can change some appearance options in Editor Preferences, but not to the extent you want.

You will probably have to change something in the source code, look around the Slate code specifically for base editor code.

Sorry don’t know much else about this.

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately the Editor was not designed to have different themes, so there is no easy way to make changes to the appearance of the Editor, nor is there any documentation for doing so. All of the settings for the Editor’s appearance are in the source code. If you want to experiment with making changes yourself, most of the settings should be in the files located in the Source\Editor\EditorStyle folder.

I’m not sure what your second question was referring to. I believe you can make that change in the same place, though.

Bright window panels won’t do any good for your eyes if you work on UE4 all day; dark theme is important thing to have.
There’s reason why most long therm production software provide it nowadays.

It isn’t about “dark” theme](Ironic Sans presents: Ow, My Eyes!), but about smaller brightness variation. Full white on pitch black will be very tiring. White on gray or light gray on dark gray would work better. If staring at white gets your eyes tired, then monitor brightness/contrast settings are way too high or you don’t have proper lighting in the room.

Since LCDs monitors took over, lighting is a must, because standard LCD lamp has power of military grade searchlight these days.