Some questions on grid-based movement

Hey guys!

So I’m working on a game kind of like FTL, where you have a ship and a crew and you move the crew on a grid, etc, etc. What I need to know if how to set up the basic framework. I know that the ship is going to be a blueprint so that I can swap out for different ships, but that means that anything that comes with the ship, like it’s movement grid, systems, etc all need to be components in order to be placed inside a blueprint. Problem is, when I create a child of the ActorComponent class, there is no viewport where I can put together collision boxes and other things that I’ll need to be able to reference to make the whole thing work.

Do I maybe need to create the various components (rooms, grid squares, etc) as separate blueprints and then just spawn them in the construction script for the ship blueprint? Is there another way that might make this easier?


PS: If it helps, I’m coding this all in BP right now and plan to continue that way for a while. If anything doesn’t make sense, please write a quick comment and let me know so I can clarify it.