Some questions on enemy setup for a Diablo style video game.

Hi Ladies/Gentlemen,

I am trying to create a top down rpg style video game, here are few questions about the mechanics for the enemy,

  1. Do I need to rig and animate the enemy characters for from like Maya/3dsmax tools and bring the animation FBX files to UE4, then integrate it?
  2. If I each character need separate skeleton will it take more GPU and memory to run the game from UE4?
  3. If I want to grow a character from a specific size to a larger size do I need to increase the working joints/skeleton for the character as well?
  4. Does UE4 allow different type meshes to use one same skeleton??

If you could give me some solutions for this it’ll be greatly helpful.

Hello there, I am a complete newbie about pretty much everything on UE4, just learning myself, but I think I can help you with your questions since that was something I was researching myself the last few weeks, also hopefully someone much better will come and say if I am talking **** :slight_smile:

1- yep, you CAN use the basic ue dude skeleton as a example so it will be much easier for you to animate and reutilize animations.

2-I would try to keep one base biped skeleton for most toons, on MY machine the more different skeletons/skeletal meshes get a little slow, if you making a game like diablo/torchlight with tons of enemies I would consider a very simple base skeletons for everyone and reuse the same the most you can.
Good link to study:

3- Retarget animation is useful for it, so you can use the same skeleton but on toons with different proportions, more here: “

4-Same thing, after you got the “basic skeleton” on can just rig every mesh with it or re-target automatically(if the bones are of the same name) and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

English is not my first language, hopefully I helped a little bit.

thank you for this info