Some questions list about PAK and Materials

Need make one APK file with some external PAK-file, who used in APK-file. How make external PAK-file (another project or use C++ code, etc).
Need make one Material function who used switch materials from APK-file and external PAK-file (how make this material or blueprint).
Need convert standart animation from epic to mobile skeleton with 68 bones and 72 bones (how save space in APK-file or how convert skeleton to one standart).
Need use cube skybox, how create materials (or texture parameters) with no pixel line in edges.

Need make one Material who used two switchable textures (low res and highres) and texture highres place in world in place texture of lowres with same scale and coordinates. Switch enable/disable in setting options in menu this function.

Also need in settings options enable/disable external PAK-file with this highres textures and Material function read textures from this PAK-file.

Anyone have idea.

Need how limit to 65536 polys in android devices used for all level geometry and weapon viewmodel (did viewmodel increase this limit).
Need how many complex physic collision increase FPS lag or how low physic box collision decrease FPS lag.

Have snow particle, need attach this particles to brush (with changed sizes with added more particles) in cell steps and changable parameter of height of drop size and remove particle when touch ground.