some questions... back from injury (Paper2D, Modules and pure c++ classes)

Hello, I am just back from an injury which makes me stop do some work in my project for a month.

Thus I am back to my project with some questions… might be complicated.

Before I begin, I am developing Single Player turn-based 2D RPG.

1.Paper2D in C++ or possibly Blueprints.

I heard from Unreal Summit 2017 in South Korea that there is function called AnimNotify… problem is there is no such a thing in Paper2D.

I checked and asked Unreal Staffs during that time, nobody can come up with any solution about AnimNotifiy for Paper2D.

Did I miss it or there is none? if there is none, could you guys come up with alternavtive? I am still struggling though.

2.Pure C++ class or UClass… For myself, it is tempting to use UClass for everything. Yet I thought if I do character’s statisitic calculation and level, and some stuff, I could try Pure C++ class

anyone come up with Pure C++ class usage examples? If not I might use UClass for everything… possibly.

3.Modules. Thanks to helpful Korean person (이득우) in Naver’s Unreal Cafe, I found out about modules in C++. I have many system… simple craft, statistic which being scaled to level and items (weapon, ammo, and disposables) and skill system.

I thought seperate them into modules… but is it good idea or am I making them too complicated? if is too complicated… is there any usage for module in RPG games?

Sorry about my English, which I am still learning. anyway Thanks to Epic Games staffs. and you for reading my questions…

Hi Marjane!

As to modules: it’s a great idea (called Seperation Of Concerns, if you don’t know it read about SOLID principles) to keep your systems seperated, it will help you reuse them in the future, and will let you change some modules without breaking other systems (and less compile time when you change only one module).

As to AnimNotify: why exactly do you think you need them? For 2D game’s animations Unreal uses flipbook, which doesn’t have much to do with main animation system, of course you can find a solution for any problem, but you are not saying what exactly do you want it for, so I can’t tell you what can you do instead.

Thx for reply :slight_smile:

Modules… I gonna code in mouldes then…

AnimNotify… because there is specific function I want to call at certain flipbook animation. Example, when my character hits enemy with attack animation, at certain frame, i wanna notify my sprite or actor to call certain function such as damaging enemy’s HP

When I used Unity, there was similar function which was easier.

Just you know, don’t go into “I’ll use modules because someone said it’s cool” mode. Make sure you understand why certain classes are in a seperate module before you do it.
As to notify: since you are triggering “attack” flipbook I guess you know that you are in “attacking” state. So if you collide with enemy check whether you are in “attacking” state at the moment and then you know you are damaging them. And of course it’d be better if you have a “Damagable” interface which enemies implement and you just call “damage” function on that interface ;).

thx for warning about modules. sure i avoid to do stuff by cool. In my project (which is my thought though) I may need to seperate some key features into modules for seperation… for easy to maintiain in future.

Damageable interface… I am intrigued. I will try to implement as interface rather then just some function I call from my player unit.

still no similar function to call the function at exact frame as I want. :stuck_out_tongue: it is okay though.