Some questions about UE4

Hello I am new to game development. I originally started off learning Unity but changed my mind and decided I’d like to learn UE4. I recently incorporated my own game studio even though I don’t know how to use the tools yet, so I am eager to get started in my journey of becoming an Indie Dev but obviously one of the first big decisions I need to make what game engine I use. I have some questions about UE4:

  • Does UE4 have a steeper learning curve than Unity, if so how much steeper?

  • How much longer does it take to learn blueprints compared to say C Sharp for example?

  • To make a successful game in UE4 and publish it on steam do you need a large starting capital? (my example would be Ark:SE which had $1mill at the start and I don’t notice many other survival games being made in UE4 compared to unity and most indie games on steam are made in unity).

  • Is Unreal still geared towards studios compared single person teams?

Thank you.

  1. in my opinion it’s much easier to learn blueprints than a programming language as C#, C, C++,…
  2. you need no money -> just a good game (It’s the same as for other engines) :wink:
  3. the ue4 is for teams and single devs -> due to the blueprints event artists are abel to create gameplay stuff
  1. I had only used Unity for a couple of months before switching to UE4. It might be a bit harder to learn, but if so it’s mainly because it got more functionality built in. As long as you understand it will take a lot of time to master all of its subsystems, anyone who could handle Unity should have no problem with UE4.

  2. If you have no programming experience Blueprints should be significantly easier than C#. If you already know several other programming languages, you could feel more comfortable with C#. C++ is kind of a *****, but you will not have to touch it until much later, if at all.

  3. Money is only needed if you want to hire full time professionals. A lot of UE4 games are made by a team working for free with the intent to split any profit from the game. Most of these will probably not be commercially successful, but there is no reason why some could not end up big hits.

  4. Any team size. But if you work alone as a beginner, do not set your goals too high. But that is no different than Unity or other big 3D engines.

well all the above + 100$ to add the game on steam (1 time payment and it goes to charities)

I agree.
You get AAA grade editor and engine for free, that’s is a learning curve but you’ll get amazing results.