Some Questions about running a standalone game and general performance

Hi all, as a few people have brought up, there is often a large discrepancy between running the game in the editor, and in a standalone game. There have been numerous threads stating that there are extra processes and functions running in the standalone game that lead to its performance being much worse than the editor version.

For example, I can get a consistent 60fps in my editor, but in standalone, I’ll get drops to as low as 40. I’ve used methods such as the ones here:

I can indeed increase performance in the standalone game by using the console commands in that thread, but it looks considerably worse.

My main question is which version of the game is the best indicator of what the final product would be? The visual difference between playing in editor and standalone is the same, except for the drastic framerate problems. What exactly is going on here?

Did you uncheck realtime inside the editor before you launched the standalone game? You can uncheck it at the sam eplace where you can check FPS in order to show FPS. Because if it’s checked you’re essentially running both at the same time.

Standalone is more trustworthy when it comes to performance.