Some questions about retargetting.

My first problem is with retargetting bulk of animations (1000+), I want to make library from all anim packs i bought on marketplace.
So after selecting them all from source folders (about 50 or so) and retargetting they all land in single folder, and it is quite a mess.
So is there a way to retarget them and get in same folder structure just under different “master folder”?

Second problem, is Tpose and Apose (mainly certain female animation pack, and then some packs with zombies). I tried to follow different howtos from internet, but animations end distorted no matter what i do. I varies from weird fingers to arms twisting randomly. What is best way to do it? Esp that female anim pack, i need it as that is only one femine animation i have, and female models walking like thugs look weird.

Next problem is. How do i “retarget” mesh into another skeleton? Is 3d application only solution to this? If so, is there “easy” way of using existing skinning info on new skeleton?