Some questions about Antoinette project

Hi there, as you know I currently have a Flight simulator project. And I use Antoinette’s project as a reference. I use a similar plugin and algorithm and basically, it works. However, now I want to change the airplane model. The default model they give is Boeing 777. I want to import different models such as Cessna 172 or Boeing 787. I have tried to download and import some models on the internet and It can fly too. But the problem is it doesn’t have animation as well as the scale or position of some models is not correct to actual. And I watched the video on youtube that they can change it with perfect animation and scale.

So how can I make the animation on the model? Do I need to use a third-party app? Currently, I use Blender to edit animation for my model but I’m not sure that I will succeed.

Here is the picture of my project as you can see it doesn’t match the scale, and the video on youtube about a similar project.

And this is the link of the youtube video: Discover the Next Generation of Immersive Flight Simulation with Unreal Engine