Some question about the EULA.


1.The EULA should show in my credit or any part but inside of my product (Game)? Sorry i don’t know what is EULA.

2.If the first question is yes, can i copy and paste the EULA from Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine into my game? Just Changing the [Product]. [Lincensor], [Agreement].

3.What is the Lincensor? It’s my name? (If it’s my name, then it’s in full name or just my first name and second name without my surname?)

4.What should i write in the Agreement?

Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for the answer.

  1. End user license agreement. If any software or content you used for the game requires you to share some legal information about its use, you normally put it there. Also it’s typically where games put noticed like that reserve the right to ban you from multiplayer for cheating, and copyright notices. You could look at other games and see what they usually put.

  2. You should include that, but it probably isn’t everything youd want to include.

  3. You’ll probably want to use a company or register an LLC to use.