Some problems with packaging

I have created a game for Android, in preview all works good but when I package it into apk:

  1. One script does not work- it simulates a place of spawning items, every time it should be diffrent but it is the same always (in preview it did work)
  2. Another script does not work- it shoudl have end a game when the number of collected items by player is 7, and it should show a new level- a WIN screen, but it ends after collecting 2 items and show another level- default- MENU
    What could be the problem?

Show your work so we can take a look.

I solved both :wink:

Well, I have the new one. Game works on some devices like xperia SP but does not work on others like galaxy s6. I ve tried to make it as low quality as possible. What else can I do?

Some devices just aren’t compatible. You can add blocked devices in your google developer console.