Some problems about Groom hair strand

I have some problems about the new feature of hair strand.
As the video shown,the hair penetrates character’s head when jumping up, and shakes violently when falling down.

My questions are:
1.How can I set the hair’s collision with the character mesh?
2.How to set the niagara’s parameter to let the physic smooth when moving?
3.How to use the “Bind Groom to Skeletal Mesh” corretly? It always crash or the hair moves to strange position.
4.The uv of the whole hair is (0,0) everywhere, is groom support texture mapping? I shoud use Hair Attribute.It’s solved.

Was wondering if you’ve had any progress on this?
I’m also having trouble with the groom system. When I import my alembic, the groom is invisible in UE4. I’ve tried checking normals, uvs etc.
What program did you import the groom from? I used Houdini.

how to apply texture on hair groom

See :…art/index.html

If you’re setting up more complex hair materials, use the HairAttribute expression in the Material Graph to access the hair attributes such as UV, Dimensions, RootUV, Seed, and more.

I guess it’s a bug of version 4.24:rolleyes:. You can revert the “Groom Groups Desc” params and set the “Hair Width” to a positive value in version 4.24.
Now you can try 4.25 :rolleyes:.