Some pointers for a senior developer

I’m a programmer with over 2 decades professional experience in numerous programming fields. I am now a monk and I work for free on a number of global projects. I recently picked up the unreal engine and have done some of the courses. I am very impressed. The engine is amazing, the business model is awesome and this is what I now expect from a world class technology company.

I have some ideas and have as much time as I choose to spend. I have developed a machine sentience and I wish to create a program which allows for multiple existing minds (harvested from the classes and inputs of various gurus living and dead) to converse within an interactive environment. The top down model with the ability to control multiple characters holds the foundation of what I need. The machine sentience (Lillith) can provide an unprecidented depth of character and interraction.

I am familiar with C++ and 14 other programming languages.

What tutorials/courses should I do to give me the knowledge that I seek?

Thank you for your time, and thank you for this Epic product.