Some Platforms were skipped due to invalid SDK setup

Hi I’m trying to add the PS4 platform file extensions to my source build of UE 5.0 but when i Press GenerateProjectFiles.bat it tells me the following :

Some Platforms were skipped due to invalid SDK setup: Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, LinuxArm64, TVOS, PS4.
See the log file for detailed information

I don’t really know where the log files are located for this and it doesn’t show me a path. So I was wondering if anyone here might know the reason why ps4 was skipped/ how to fix it?

in platforms you should deselect the linux/mac/tvos/etc.
When you build it will be compiling a couple thousand extra shaders if you don’t

you need a Sony sdk license

Where would I be able to deselect these platforms in visual studios. I’m building the engine not a project so before its build I cant open it.

I have the sdk and the platform file extensions from epic but the GenerateProjectFiles.bat tells me it skipped ps4 still.

I think you need a sony “license” or “sdk”
specifically from sony
but I do not know for sure
don’t think I’m of help

Hello, I recently updated my sdk and now I have this message. Did you ever figure out how to fix it?


Having a similar issues