Some of postprocess features without HDR for mobiles.


Our team requests some post process features, like color correction, vignette or post-process materials to be working even without Mobile HDR. There are plenty of things, that can be done without high-range colors, and it is really annoying that we have not such features.

I should mention, that HDR on mobile devices impacts low and mid range devices very heavily. So to make out game available to low devices, we need to disable HDR. Without HDR our game performs well even on old devices, like Galaxy S4, wich is really great for marketing and matchmaking stuff, as well as our gross.

Moreover, it is really bad that we are not able to disable HDR for low devices and enable on high-end devices, it’s seem that game crashes when we make such profiles. That is another way to make things work and this is a part of our request.

Right now, enabling HDR makes us low the resolution for low-end devices, and the game starts to look much worse than normal resolution without any HDR features. So that request could help alot to UE4 mobile market.

Thank you!