Some of my first architectural visualization screeshots in unreal engine 4 :)

Here are some my first architectural visualization screenshots. not to good but trying to improve. Please feel free to give feedback, comments and suggestion :slight_smile:

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Looks superb, I like the way you used the lighting. You made the textures? In what tool?

Fantastic job ganeshp! I really like how open your project feels. Would you be able to share a video of your work with us? Keep up the great work and hope to see more in the future!

Very nice!

What tool do you use to model ?
Do you import the whole scene at once in UE4; or do you import items and move them in UE4?

Thanks!! I will share the video soon.

Thanks you!!
I used 3ds max. yes, I imported the whole scene at once in .fbx format. I have unchecked the combine mesh option in import settings and dragged all object in map and set all position to 0.

Most of the texture and materials from starter content. I generally use Photoshop for texturing and crazy bump for normal maps.

Hello :smiley:

I was pointed this direction (to this thread), in hopes that I may be able to learn a few tricks from you when it comes to ArchViz. I’m a total beginner when it comes to 3d modeling/video game engines (If you ask me what a UV map, lightmap, etc I could probably give you a very broken idea of what it is).

Anyways, I use Autodesk’s Revit for designing spaces/buildings and have been trying to find a way to import the model into UE4. I noticed in the above quoted post, you said you imported the entire scene at once without combining meshes. Does that mean that all of your components(meshes) came into UE4 in the correct locations (according to where they are placed in your 3ds model)? Or did you have to rearrange the models to the proper locations in UE4?
I’m assuming that since you set the meshes to position 0 (could you please elaborate on where this is done?) all meshes imported into the scene in the correct locations.

Thank you very much for any insight you can give me. I’m very excited to get my hands on UE4 after seeing such an awesome visualization in your post!

little late to this, but it looks amazing. Like a beach house in Malibu I once dreamed I owned. Deja vu.

hey Blitz,
I am also beginner in ue4 but I have done some archViz projects in Unity. So I knew about lightmaps and baking.
For Lightmaps and UV maps I have used in 3ds max.
Before Importing them into unreal engine from 3ds max Firstly I have attached (Combined) same materials objects into one. Then Imported into unreal and unchecked combine meshes.
Then drag all the objects that have been imported into unreal into view port and set all objects position to 0,0,0 (all the three axis) and they will appear in correct location.

Hope it will help. Do post if you have any queries.

Thank you! :). Happy to know that.

Trying some night time shots.



Thanks for the response. This may be something that interests you(Found it online after browsing around), as it sort of solves my problem of not knowing how to import all meshes to the correct locations w/o having to drag and drop every single piece. I may query you once I actually try the whole import process.

Please follow below steps in picture :

1 - New Scene

2 - Click On Import and select the model you want to import

3- Import Settings

4- Select All static imported meshes.

5 - Drag and drop on the grid and set all translate values to 0


Wow, that’s pretty awesome for your first ArchViz work! Liking it :slight_smile:

@ganeshp Hey it looks awesome! Can you give a little explanation of your lighting set-up? Did you tweak any .ini files or just normal lightmass settings in the world settings? Thanks! Can’t wait to hear back!

Hey TannerLambo,
Thanks. I have done with normal lightmass settings just increased lightmass resolution of the objects and increased light bounce in sky light. No. ini files edited.

Nice work.

Just a suggestion for improvement, as in t make more realistic (maybe its not typical for Archviz), is to make sure the furnitures, flowerpots etc not perfectly aligned (off set by a bit), or perfectly perpendicular.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for suggestions.

You’re awesome, that worked a treat! Now I just need to figure out why i have an ‘invalid lightmap’ stamp over everything haha… what an adventure.